I have tried to say this on many occassions, but you have to realize a couple of things.

#1. Some times there IS NO NEXT. Many songs just simply never stack up. So there is a lot to be said for having perspective, getting independent critiques, performing or having songs performed and tested out, BEFORE spending a lot of time or money.

#2. Some songs are simply for US. They don't have commercial potential. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. But going to hire a song plugger, pitch library, or other avenue are not going to make any difference.

#3. A song WITHOUT an artist involved with it at the outset, is going to find a very difficult road to hoe. Another fact is simply that most artists really have no longer interests in other people's songs. Writers are going to have to work harder now to find artists involved in their songs BEFORE they attempt a lot in the way of pitching.

It's just the new dynamic of the music industry. The Internet has changed everything for ever. We have to adjust to it as well.


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