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Hi Everett:

I don't care for... or trust Windows Media Player. I hope you will be able to find a good alternative. Personal preference plays a big part in this selection. As a prolific songwriter, your catalog of music should not be exposed in it's entirety to the Internet. I recommend keeping your catalog on a non-connected PC... or on a massive memory stick salted away in a safe or safety deposit box.

Our music is being stolen every day and you are the only defender of your catalog. Apple is just as bad if not worse about invading your privacy and computer system.

See if you can find a course of instruction about music management and how to navigate the ever changing computer system jungle in order to protect and control dissemination of your own creations of music. Your Tech Guy may be your best alternative as long as he/she understands your objective(s).

When it comes to the Internet... don't let your guard down or blindly trust 99% of the companies or programs we encounter every day.

Best of luck, ----Dave

I hear you Dave. For a long time I was cautious about showing my music. But getting old now and just hoping someone will enjoy what I have written. Especially my Gospel songs, if it blesses someone, good, if it leads them to accept Jesus a Saviour, great. My reward will be in Heaven.