You could put the info in the board in closest proximity in Florida near the lower part of the list of boards. We used to have a JPF chapter in several FLA cities but not currently. So feel free to post in the boards in Florida. Tampa had a huge chapter membership for many years and many of those folks are still active here.

We hope to relaunch chapters in FLA again later in the year likely when we next tour to those cities doing Showcases. We'll certainly welcome your folks to join us when we come through.

Your local members are welcome to join us here and if you'd like an Orlando board to use to post activities going on, just let me know and we are happy to help you out. We have a long history of doing events with NSAI chapters and other orgs. and for many years we shared coordinators in 2 dozen cities.

If you'd like to represent JPF in Orlando, let me know. We're 100% free so no worry about people having to be paid members to attend a meeting or event. They simply need to be on our member email list.


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