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The Just Plain Folks Music Awards — what started as an informal way to recognize our best member submissions has grown into the largest Music Awards program in the world! We've screened more than 1,400,000+ songs and 111,000+ albums in 100+ genres from over 185 countries to honor the very best works of our members. Our volunteer judges include industry professionals, peers and music fans. Our sole criteria for judging is "Does it move you?

Here you'll find news and updates on the current Awards proceedings, and of course details on how to enter yourself. You'll also find a comprehensive list of all our winners, past and present. Check out the archives for the songs, albums, lyrics and video's that moved us the most!

photo of the 2009 JPF Awards

The JPF Awards were started in 1999 as a simple way to recognize the best music submitted by members. JPF Founder Brian Austin Whitney felt the music made by the "other 98%" of the music world often ignored by the mainstream televised music awards shows deserved its own recognition.

Preparations are under way for this year's Music Awards. Please watch the website and JPF email newsletter "Just Plain Notes" for updates and details. You can sign up for that newsletter via the button on the top left of this page.

photo of the 2009 JPF Awards


"We will either find a way, or make one." -Hannibal

"The great American novel has not only already been written, it has already been rejected." -Frank Dane

"Artificial manners vanish the moment the natural passions are touched" -Maria Edgeworth

"Sometimes all you have to do to inspire humans to greatness is give them a reason and an opportunity to do something great." -Brian Austin Whitney

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