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In the last 5 years we've visited most of the US and Canada during one of our Just Plain Folks Roadtrips. We've hosted hundreds of Showcases featuring thousands artist performances. We also host workshops, chapter meetings, networking events and gatherings of all types and even take a little time for tourism when we can. We hope to expand our Roadtrips to include Europe and Australia as our membership grows in those areas. If you'd like to get involved, follow the listings of the Roadtrips in our newsletter and sign up for events anywhere you are interested in participating. Below, you can see some pictures of the folks we've met and things we've seen along the way

We're all in this together!

JPF 2002 Music Awards Spotlight Pictures

Spotlight Picture
Brian and Cindy Alexander, 2002 Female Artist of the Year

Spotlight Picture
Brian, Harold Payne, and Tammy Edwards at the Pre-Awards Showcase

Spotlight Picture
Brian and Jean Bullock, Chapter & Coordinator of the Year Winner

Spotlight Picture
Brian, Alan O'Day and Harold Payne put the final touches on the theme song
2002 Just Plain Folks Roadtrips and Showcases

JPF 2002 Music Awards Week

Feb 27, 2003: North Hollywood, CA -- Hallenbeck's General Store -- Feature Showcase
Feb 28, 2003: Van Nuys, CA -- Namaste Community Center -- Pre-Awards Showcase
March 1, 2003: Hollywood, CA -- The Highlands -- 2002 Music Awards Show
Visit The Highlands Venue Website Here!
March 2, 2003: Van Nuys, CA -- John M Studio -- Studio Session & Recording of JPF Theme Song
March 3, 2003: South Pasadena, CA -- Freemont Theater -- Listening Series Showcase

2003 Future of Music Summit

Jan 5-7: Washington DC -- pictures

2002 Southwest Roadtrip

Nov 6: North Hollywood, CA -- Kulak's Woodshed (Thanks to Kulak's for the Live Webcast)
Nov 7-10: Los Angeles, CA -- Taxi Road Rally
Nov 10: Santa Monica, CA -- Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Pier
Nov 12: Berkley, CA -- Starry Plough
Nov 13: San Francisco, CA -- Voodoo Lounge
Nov 14: San Francisco, CA -- Java On Ocean (Brian was a judge at this NCSA Event)
Nov 15: San Jose, CA -- Red Rock
Nov 19: Tempe, AZ -- The Muse Coffee House
Nov 20: Jerome, AZ -- Meeting with new mentor Diane Rapaport and Sightseeing
Nov 21: San Diego, CA -- Miracles
Nov 23: Orange County, CA -- Ugly Mug
Nov 24: Alta Dena, CA -- Coffee Gallery Backstage
Nov 25: Los Angeles, CA -- Johnny Foxx's

2002 Mid-South Roadtrip

Nov 30: Olive Branch, MS -- Tiz Ann's Station (Memphis Area Showcase)
Dec 3: New Orleans, LA -- O'Flaherty's
Dec 5: Houston, TX -- JP's Hophouse & Brewpub
Dec 6: Galveston, TX -- Moody Gardens Sightseeing Trip
Dec 7: San Antonio, TX -- County Line BBQ
Dec 8-9: San Antonio, TX -- Tourist Pics (The Alamo, Riverwalk, Wildlife Ranch Safari)
Dec 10: Austin, TX -- Broken Spoke
Dec 14: Hannibal, MO -- Visit to Mark Twain's Childhood Home

**To see a collection of various tourist and sight-seeing pictures from the 2002 Southwest/Mid-South Roadtrip click HERE!**

2002 East Coast Roadtrip (Sponsored By TAXI):

Sept 2: Indianapolis, IN Utopia
Sept 4: Baltimore, MD Kiss Cafe
Sept 5: Arlington, VA Luna Park
Sept 6: Washington, DC Electric Maid
Sept 7: Wilmington, DE Catherine's Song Circle
Sept 9: Philadelphia, PA The Mermaid Inn
Sept 10: New Brunswick, NJ Corner Tavern
Sept 11: Philadelphia, PA John's Bar and Grille
Sept 12: Allentown, PA Lehigh County Senior Center
Sept 13: Media, PA The Coffee Club
Sept 14: Philadelphia, PA Warren Picnic/Party
Sept 16: NYC, NY 169 Bar
Sept 17: NYC, NY Downtime
Sept 18: NYC, NY Parkside
Sept 19: High Falls, NY Clove Cafe
Sept 19:
KorgUSA Visit
Sept 20: Albany, NY Borders Books and Music
Sept 21: Northampton, MA Community Music Center
Sept 22: Hartford, CT Camp Happy Hill/Lion's Hall/Campfire
Sept 22:
After Show Campfire/Party
Sept 23: Providence, RI Red Rock Bar & Grill
Sept 24: Boston, MA Attic
Sept 25: Boston, MA Burren
Sept 26: Portsmouth, NH Dolphin Striker
Sept 27: Portland, ME Breakaway
Sept 28: Brattleboro, VT Common Ground
Sept 30: Toronto, ON Clinton's Tavern
Oct 1: Hamilton, ON Casbah @La Luna
Oct 2: Buffalo, NY The Central Park Grill
**To view a collection of the Group Pictures from the 2002 East Coast Roadtrip click

2002 Nashville Roadtrip:
July 19: Showcase at Antioch Bar and Grill
July 20: NAMM Show
July 20: Bluebird Cafe Featured Showcase
July 21: Broken Spoke Showcase
July 22: NAMM Show
July 23: Hall Of Fame Showcase
July 24: Bluebird Cafe Open Showcase

2002 Las Vegas Roadtrip:

June 20: Treasure Island Show
June 21: Venezia/Paris Show
June 22: MGM Grand Show
June 23: Luxor/Monte Carlo/NYNY Show

2002 Pineyfest Gathering: 

June 11: Pineyfest 1
June 12: Pineyfest 2
June 13: Mentor/Member Networking Meeting

2002 Indianapolis Member Showcases

We had a lot of Just Plain Folks members come to us in 2002 including: 

Feb 2002: Amy Speace and Jenny Bruce
Mar 2002: Sam Shaber
Apr 2002: Holly Figueroa
May 2002: Seth Horan
Aug 2002: Jennifer Marks, Edie Carey, Teddy Goldstein

2002 Washington, DC Roadtrip

We attended and participated in the 2002 Future Of Music Coalition Summit, meeting some of the biggest movers and shakers in the entire music industry.

January 5: Future of Music Conference Day 1
January 6: Future of Music Conference Day 2
January 7: Future of Music Conference Day 3
To attend/perform at an event, simply email the dates you are interested in to justplainfolks@aol.com

If you are curious what a member meeting is like, we had a great Chapter Meeting in Los Angeles that was documented in a story by Sha Na Na Guitarist and JPFolks member Danny McBride. You can read about it here:


We're all in this together!

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