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In the last year we've visited most of the US and Canada during one of our Just Plain Folks Roadtrips. We've hosted over 200 Showcases featuring over 5000 artist performances. We also host workshops, chapter meetings, networking events and gatherings of all types and even take a little time for tourism when we can. We hope to expand our Roadtrips to include Europe and Australia as our membership grows in those areas. If you'd like to get involved, follow the listings of the Roadtrips in our newsletter and sign up for events anywhere you are interested in participating. Below, you can see some pictures of the folks we've met and things we've seen along the way

We're all in this together!

Just Plain Folks 1999 Roadtrip Pictures and Event Dates

LA Roadtrip 1999

July 21: LaFiesta Show #1
July 22: NAMM Show Day 2
July 22: Hall of Fame Show #1
July 23: NAMM Show Day 3
July 23: Hall of Fame Show #2
July 23: Broken Spoke Show
July 24: BlueBird Cafe Show
July 25: LaFiesta Show #2
July 26: LaFiesta Show #3
July 27: NSAI Visit
Los Angeles Nov. 1999
Philadelphia, PA 1999
Arlington, VA 1999
Washington, DC 1999
Baltimore, MD 1999
New York City 1 1999
New York City 2 1999
Storrs, Connecticut 1999
Cranston, Rhode Island 1999
Boston, MA 1999
Albany, NY 1999
Los Angeles Jan. 1999
'Nashville Trip 1998
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