This lyric is: #406


Hugh DeNeal
Copyright 2002

Scarecrow stood like Jesus Christ
While the rain came down as ice
And froze his face into a twisted smile
Black crow perched atop the barn
Shaking trying to keep warm
Watching Mr. Scarecrow all the while

Black Crow knows that scarecrow dying
His face is solid frozen
And he’ll be too if he cannot get warmer
Before this mighty mean ice storm
Scarecrow kept this wealthy farm
The pride of Mr. Jebediah Farmer

Now Jebediahs gone away
Because the bills could not get paid
He flew away on bullet bound for Jesus
But still the icy rain comes down
Before long Scarecrow’s gonna drown
Unless the wind first tears him into pieces

Black Crow stands on solid steal
Looking for a solid meal
Scarecrow’s smiling saying “Come and get some”
I have nothing to defend
And I will never live again
Everything’s been pissed away to heaven

Scarecrow thought of Farmer Jeb
And the bullet he put in his head
All because he could never live a poor man
Now Scarecrow’s feeling awful cold
Half as proud and twice as bold
And curses Jeb as not worth a good goddamn

“Find a man so rich with power
But underneath is such a coward
To take his life but leave his only begotten scarecrow
He left me here to shoo the crows
From all the crops that long since froze
An ornament among the ice and snow”

Black crow listens from the barn
To his old enemy of the farm
Cause sometimes you just need someone to listen
Then he flies closer to his foe
Who keeps the food from the hungry crows
Knowing there is no more food it is all frozen

Black Crow sees the scarecrows smile
Shocked at his irreverent style
Because scarecrows are so often stern and callous
Black crow says to his old enemy
“Do you have any thing for me?
Your smile makes a starving bird so jealous”

Scarecrow says “The game is done
I guess you could say that you won
But soon you may follow me to heaven
Black Crow says “My dear old foe
That kingdom is far too cold
I was cast out once and I do not want back in”