This Lyric is: #055

Lets Sing One For Woody

(C) Bob Young 1999 JimKimisan Music (ascap)

I have come to tell you something
About a man I never knew
Tho, if truth be told, he changed my life
And, all I think and do

And I'm sorry that I missed him
He was gone before I came
Still, I took him for my teacher
Woody Guthrie was his name

From the cold and concrete canyons
To the blowin' dust out West
He was voice for homeless millions
He was conscience for the rest

As he walked with eyes wide open
And he sang us what he'd seen
Putting music to the message
On his old six-string machine


So, Lets Sing One For Woody
Let's make our voices loud
To let him know we heard his words
And we still hear them now
Cos' This land is still our land
And ever will it be
From the hills of Oklahoma
To the heart of you and me !

He spent his good years ramblin'
Back and forth, and up and down
On some long-forgotten highways
Thru some used-to-be-there towns

Where he stood up for the unions
And the migrants in the fields
The shadowed figures in the boxcars
Rollin' West on iron wheels


And he taught me I should tell the truth
When pen and paper meet
To keep it straight, and keep it honest
Till the story is complete

So, if one day, I meet him
On some golden avenue
I'll shake his hand, and thank him
And, maybe, swap a song or two !


outro refrain...

America.....America is ours !