This Lyric is: #042

Jesus and the Ice Cream Man
(Copyright 2002 Willie Carmichael and Larry Lampi)

My Daddy's gone on business
Mama's gone to bed
My sister's gone on heroin
I wish I was gone instead
I've given up on all of them
They've done the same you see
When I grow up I'll be a man
But right now I'm only me

I go to church on Sunday
Hear 'em teach about the Lord
Love to hear that preacher testify
About the great reward
I believe I'll get to heaven
With a little faith and luck
It helps to tide me over
'Til I hear the ice cream truck

I've got Jesus and the ice cream man to love me
Everybody else can kiss my ass
They help me bear my heavy load
With bread and wine and rocky road
And teach me someday soon this too shall pass

I pray to Jesus every day
To make a better world
And stop showing me commercials
About starving boys and girls
He sends me dimes and quarters
And all my hopes and dreams
I spend my prayers on hungy Africans
And my money on ice cream

The ice cream man wears glasses
I wear glasses too
He says to trust in Jesus
In everything I do
I put a lot of trust in him
He comes every day on time
I get chocolate chip and one true friend
And he gets all my dimes

(Repeat Chorus)

Repeat 1st verse)