This Lyric is: #040

Reaching Out To You
Cindy Miller
© 2002

In the middle of a moment
Towards the end of a cry
When you’ve almost caught your breath
Near the onset of a sigh
Where dreams break into pieces
And the night is split in two
There’s still shelter in my arms
…Reaching out to you

When your body’s done with battle
And your energy is spent
You’ll remember what you’ve lost
Cause the scars are evident
Over time, meanings will change
And the prize feels overdue
That’s where I’ll be waiting
…Reaching out to you

Yesterday can be forgotten
Come in out of the cold
The whole world’s not your problem
Let me carry half your load

Examine my intentions
As you journey through your soul
The bright flickers of honesty
Will guide your heart to know
When the walls fell down upon you
One clear constant is your proof
My love never faltered
I was… Reaching out to you
Reaching out to you
Reaching out to you....