2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Video Winners
Video Artist Nominated Feature Length Video Nominees Location
Winner Fil Campbell Songbirds N. Ireland
Second Dave Cool What Is Indie QC
Third Judith-Kate Friedman  A 'Specially Wonderful Affair CA
Fourth NIKO Love TN
Video Artist Nominated Live Performance Video Nominees Location
Winner Collide Live At The El Rey CA
Second Bad Haggis SPAN CA
Third Jeremy Cohen & Friends Celebrate Joe Venuti 100 Years CA
Fourth Mitch Woods Big Easy Boogie CA
Video Artist Nominated Promotional Video Nominees Location
Winner Sekou (tha misfit) Performance Reel CA
Second Zen For Primates TV Special PA
Third Eclipse Promo Video UT
Fourth Prodigals Beachland Bootleg DVD NY
Video Artist Nominated Short Form Video Nominees Location
Winner Jody Whitesides Falling In CA
Second Todd Herzog If I Only Had The Words CA
Third Beth Stalker Here With You MI
Fourth Zen For Primates Whole Lotta Love PA
Fifth Jessy Moss NYC CA
Sixth Fishe Where I'm From Nigeria