2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Video Nominees
  Video Artist Nominated Feature Length Video Nominees Location  
  NIKO Love TN  
  Fil Campbell Songbirds N. Ireland  
  Judith-Kate Friedman  A 'Specially Wonderful Affair CA  
  John M House Concerts: The Home Invasion Tour CA  
  Alfredo Calvo LA Fuerza del Tambor Cuba  
  Dave Cool What Is Indie QC  
  david m. bailey Living (DVD) VA  
  Shane Gillis People Will Eat Anything: The Movie AL  
  Boogah and Hoogah Are You My Monster? DVD MI  
  DJ Screw & the Screwed Up Clic Soldiers United 4 Cash DVD TX  
  Video Artist Nominated Live Concert Video Nominees Location  
  Collide Live At The El Rey CA  
  Kevin  Hughes Kevin Hughes- Wild About Love NC  
  Jeremy Cohen & Friends Celebrate Joe Venuti 100 Years CA  
  Mitch Woods Big Easy Boogie CA  
  Dave LaMotte One Night In North Carolina NC  
  Bad Haggis SPAN CA  
  Roger Day Roger Day Live! - DVD TN  
  The Aquarian Quartet      The World in a Guitar DVD South Africa  
  Royce Elliott Live on Stage (DVD) IL  
  Travis Larson Band Rock Show CA  
  Video Artist Nominated Promotional Video Nominees Location  
  Sekou (tha misfit) Performance Reel CA  
  Eclipse Promo Video UT  
  Chad C Reel HI  
  Rusty Evans & Ring of Fire A Tribute To Johnny Cash CA  
  Prodigals Beachland Bootleg DVD NY  
  Upper Structure Promotional Video CA  
  Zen For Primates TV Special PA  
  The Terms Small Town Computer Crash CA  
  Video Artist Nominated Short Form Video Nominees Location  
  Jody Whitesides Falling In CA  
  Shani Get Somebody CA  
  Collide Euphoria CA  
  Rachel Kann Familiar Taste of Blood CA  
  Jag Star Space TN  
  Jessy Moss NYC CA  
  Todd Herzog If I Only Had The Words CA  
  Zen For Primates Whole Lotta Love PA  
  Fire-Dean Gimme-A-Dolla DC  
  The Lorraine Bowen Experience The Burger Song UK  
  Pinky Lizardbrain Pinky Lizardbrain Sweden  
  Elizabeth Rose Leave Me Alone NY  
  Jon Miller It's Not Me, It's You AL  
  Fishe Where I'm From Nigeria  
  A-Gee aka Mikel Knight Peckawood CA  
  Bumblefoot Real NY  
  Snacks Yesterdays Are Gone NJ  
  Albino Fly Northfield KS  
  Martini Bros. Spinning On The Axis PA  
  Beth Stalker Here With You MI