2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Album Nominees
  A Cappella Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Bridges SoVoSo CA  
  Everybody Sing Hampton Avenue ON  
  for show Eclipse UT  
  Groove Society Groove Society CO  
  In the Key of She Key of She NJ  
  Standing Room Only Vocal Point UT  
  Tesseract Clockwork CA  
  Watch Me Fly Talisman A Cappella CA  
  African Album Nominees Artist Location  
  African Bohemian Kaysha Congo  
  Allez! Zuba Liberia  
  BataMbira Michael Spiro/Michael Williams Zimbabwe  
  Realidade D'Amor Belinda Cape Verde  
  World CitiZen YESHE Ghana  
  Wunda, Wunda! Dinka Malual Sudan  
  Yaye Digalma Jimi M'baye Senegal  
  Zebra Crossing Zebra Crossing South Africa  
  Alternative Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Destructive Behavior Amber Brooke Band GA  
  Distanza phoenix/NEBULIN FL  
  Fast & Cheap Jessy Moss CA  
  Freakshow Muffy Nixon NY  
  Screwtiny Jaclyn Whittal ON  
  Shrine Of Counterfeits Matahari ME  
  These Things We Say Ms. Led WA  
  Ambient Album Nominees Artist Location  
  activate m-seven QC  
  Blank Screen Cinema Braille MI  
  Exergonic Sonic Adventure Project Austria  
  Fragments of a Nightmare Accurst NJ  
  perspection the NOISETTES WA  
  Planes, Trance and Life's Karma Wheels Cybermonkey ON  
  Red Room Diner Resonator Germany  
  underCURRENTs Current Spain  
  Americana Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Happy Face Kim McLean TN  
  Melic Hayseed FL  
  Moments of Wonder Kathy Hussey TN  
  One Drop of Poison Circe Link CA  
  Sing Me Out Kate Campbell TX  
  Sparks In The Radio Jim Photoglo TN  
  The Back Fields Tim Grimm IN  
  The Town's Old Fair Josh Lederman y Los Diablos MA  
  Asian Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Compilation of Tibetan Folk and Freedo Techung Tibet  
  Black Asia Vol 1 r-H Singapore  
  Dhyana Aman: Meditation of No Mind Manose Nepal  
  Feel Yourself Russian! Moscow Nights Russia  
  Heart of the Wind Masayuki Koga Japan  
  Middle Kingdom 2 Noel Quinlan China  
  Tales (nhung chu yenke) Quoc-Bao Vietnam  
  Bluegrass Album Nominees Artist Location  
  America's Favorite Hymns America's Bluegrass Band KY  
  Covered Bridge The Gordons IL  
  Frontyard Junkyard The DeWayn Brothers KS  
  In The Mountaintops to Roam David Peterson & 1946 TN  
  Liquid Mule 23 North NC  
  Sing Me Back Home Jerry Sartain TX  
  The Badly Bent The Badly Bent CO  
  Travelin' On Hickory Project PA  
  Blues Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Beggars, Rogues & Thieves Jeff Scheetz band MO  
  Blue Voodoo Mark Cook GA  
  Brand New World Steve White CA  
  Colorblind Forrest McDonald GA  
  Long Gone Lonesome Blues Thomas Fraser Scotland  
  Old Soul Jimmy Bowskill ON  
  Timeless Clarence Gatemouth Brown CA  
  Voice of the Blues Sam Taylor NY  
  Cabaret Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Different View Barbara Martin VA  
  As Advertised Justin Hines and the Headphone NY  
  Coffee, Chocolate & Men Jen Rathbun TX  
  Kiki & Herb Will Die For Youat Carnegi Kiki & Herb NY  
  Nize Baby Buck Evans AK  
  Sail Away Doctor Sparkles VA  
  STORY SONGS Denise Whittier VT  
  The Bicycle Men The Bicycle Men CA  
  Cajun Album Nominees Artist Location  
  All The Way Live Lisa Haley CA  
  Buffalo Jambalaya 2004 LIVE Savoy Family Band,Carrier Fami MD  
  Five BuckFiddle Five Buck Fiddle AK  
  Have No Fear Robin Lacy OH  
  Mon Coeur Est Avec Toi Cleoma's Ghost NY  
  repeat offender chris belleau and the zydeco h LA  
  Smokin' Zydeco Bonne Musique Zydeco CA  
  Spice it Up The Crawdaddies MD  
  Caribbean Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Buleya Long John Oliva AC Timba Jazz Cuba  
  Cachete y los Majaderos Cachete Maldonado Puerto Rico  
  Hot Caribbean Miziks Hot Caribbean Miziks (Artist is Alan Cave) France  
  Live Groov' La Haiti  
  Love Songs For You Yanick Etienne Haiti  
  Out Di Fire Teddy Greaves Bermuda  
  Presqu'ile Angus Martin Haiti  
  Si Guy Robert Jean Haiti  
  Celtic Album Nominees Artist Location  
  An Intelagent Design Na'Bodach PA  
  Beachland Bootleg Prodigals NY  
  Better Already BEN SANDS N. Ireland  
  Indoor Driving Raven OR  
  Live in Galway The Saw Doctors Ireland  
  Liver Let Die The Poxy Boggards CA  
  Ready for the Storm The Browne Sisters and George CA  
  The Gettin's Good Darby O'Gill OR  
  Celtic Intrumental Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Bruscar BŠn Culchies IN  
  Dragonfly Redux An Dochas WA  
  LIVE at the Barns At Wolf Trap Bonnie Rideout Scotish Trio VA  
  Once Upon a Time:Music of Innocence an CANTIGA TX  
  Scotland's Lighthouses Cal Scott OR  
  Shades of Green Jamie Laval OR  
  The Celtic Collection 1992-2001 Bill Thurman AR  
  Trip Bad Haggis CA  
  Children's Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Pocket of Tunes Dr. Mac and friends CA  
  Hyperactive Talking Cows Uncle Eye CA  
  MishMashMusic Sampler Michael Mish OR  
  My Best Friend is a Salamander Peter Himmelman CA  
  No! They Might Be Giants NY  
  Return To Andyland Andy Z CA  
  Sticky Situations Chris Hamilton BC  
  The Tomten and the Fox - New Classical M Mark Petering WI  
  Children's Storytelling Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Aesop's Fables Michael Mish OR  
  Cool in School Bill Harley MA  
  Father And Son Stories Kym Lardner Australia  
  Irish Tales Celia Farran WI  
  Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals Quizzenkids Productions CA  
  Play It Again, Mom! ADRtists CA  
  The Complete Season One Dr. Floyd's Radio Adventures CA  
  The Toy Box Francie Dillon CA  
  Classical Orchestral Album Nominees Artist Location  
  David. F. Golightly Symphony no 1 City of Prague Philharmonic Or UK  
  Horizons Jon Ward Bauman MD  
  In Norway Aaron Rosand CA  
  Masterworks of the New Era - VOLUME TWO Philharmonia Bulgarica / Robert Winstin Ukraine  
  Mozart Flute Concertos and Quartet Laurel Zucker CA  
  Musically Speaking Beethoven / Gerard Schwarz, Co CA  
  Rachmaninov Piano Concerto Manchester Music Festival Symp CA  
  Symphonic Jobim Antonio Carlos Jobim NY  
  Classical Chamber Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Beethoven-2 Quartets Borromeo String Quartet CT  
  Flute Music by French Composers Ransom Wilson CT  
  Haydn London Trios & Divertimentos Laurel Zucker, Renee Siebert, CA  
  Julie Ann Giacobassi, English Horn & Obo Julie Ann Giacobassi CA  
  Live in Belgrade Violin piano duo of Volodja Ba Slovenia  
  Old New Worlds Pedro de Alcantara NY  
  Out of the Woods, Twentieth-Century Fren TreVentWind Trio NC  
  Twentieth Century Music for Flute & Pian Laurel Zucker and Marc Shapiro CA  
  Classical Solo Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Bach Goldberg Variations Chloe Christian Pang CA  
  Brahms Piano Works, Op. 76 and Handel Va Vera Breheda CA  
  Inflorescence 2-Music for Solo Flute Laurel Zucker CA  
  Plays Beethoven and Berg Andreas Klein CA  
  Robert Schumann, Kreisleriana Sergio Gallo CA  
  Russian and Trepak Friedrich Lips WI  
  Soundscapes for Solo Viola, Scott Slapin Scott Slapin CA  
  Svensson Plays Mozart Magnus Svensson WA  
  Classical Voice/Opera Solo Nominees Artist Location  
  A Mother's Love Helene Zindarsian CA  
  Chansons d'Amour Mark DuBois ON  
  Donnie Ray Albert - In Recital Donnie Ray Albert TX  
  Kurt Weill: Marie Galante Suite, Songs f Joy Bogen NY  
  Per l'Amore Nancy Yuen - Somtow Sucharitku CA  
  Terra Incognita Christel Veraart CA  
  The Dramatic A. Paul Johnson FL  
  The Music Within Vol. 1 Mark DuBois ON  
  Classical Voice/Opera Choral Nominees Artist Location  
  An Angel's Christmas Sara Botkin PA  
  Chants Sacres d'Armenie Lucineh Hovanissian Armenia  
  How CanI Keep From Singing? Busan Elders Choir VA  
  Latin Choral Tradition Church Of The Holy Ghost Choir CO  
  Mairneas Navan WI  
  Requiem The Brian Conn New Music Ensem IL  
  Requiem Raymond Torres-Santos PR  
  SIX FABLES- based on the writings of var Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia MA  
  College Rock Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Digital Self SPIN 66 TX  
  Gabriel Mann Gabriel Mann CA  
  Get itWrong, It's Alright Solly TX  
  Go Vertical Horizon CA  
  Grief Can Kill An Elephant Deejer TX  
  Hoochie Coochie Bowman AZ  
  Recess Serenade the Argument WV  
  Waves Saul Zonana NY  
  Comedy Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Best OfVolume 5†† Nelson & Terry OR  
  Dog Years Mike Birbiglia NY  
  I'm Still Thinking... Bill Scott PA  
  John Vorhees Just Doesn't Give A ... John Vorhees IL  
  More Moo Moos Jim Gaffigan NY  
  Speak When Spoken To Dan Smith CA  
  Stand-up for men KevinHughes NC  
  That's Not Right! Kevin Meaney NY  
  Compilation Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Anti-Theft Device Vote in November - Election 20 PA  
  Connecti Cuts Various Artists CT  
  HOME A Compilation of Women Singer-Songw Various Artists MO  
  More Ways Than Three Various Artist IL  
  Sounds of New England, Vol. 1 17 Folk Artists of New England MA  
  The Awakening Sleeping Giant Music CA  
  The World is a Narrow Bridge Craig Taubman- Various Artists CA  
  Contemporary Album Nominees Artist Location  
  All The Time In The World Lowen & Navarro CA  
  I Dreamed of Rain Jan Garrett & J.D. Martin CO  
  In Angel's Arms Corinne Chase MA  
  In Memory Of Tanya Leah FL  
  Musicbox Peter Mayer TN  
  Simple Life Michael Monroe MN  
  The Wonderground BoyMeetsGirl Music CA  
  You Set My Dreams To Music Steve Dorff CA  
  Contemporary Christian Album Nominees Artist Location  
  After the Chase After the Chase CA  
  Grain Of Sand Jerry Wise TN  
  I Will The Brown Band TX  
  In Awe of You Scott Reed CA  
  Lost Highway Ryan Horne GA  
  Return Bradley Vail Band CA  
  Watershed Watershed MD  
  Where You Remain Ali Matthews ON  
  Country Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Life Less Ordinary Chelsee Oaks MI  
  Backyard Holiday Don Campbell ME  
  Dead Man Walkin' Scott Hisey OH  
  Harmony Man Billy Yates TN  
  Here Cheley Tackett TN  
  Makes Perfect Sense sheila marshall TX  
  The Lost Nashville Chronicles John Foster TN  
  The Mamasitas The Mamasitas TN  
  Cover/Tribute Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Led Zepagain CA  
  all wood and stones John Batdorf & James Lee Stanl CA  
  All You Need Is Live 1964...The Tribute OH  
  beatlegras beatlegras TX  
  Homemade Spaceship The Music of ELO Perf P. Hux MD  
  Interpretations Dale Turner CA  
  Magical Moods of the Theremin Project: Pimento CA  
  now the day is over the innocence mission CA  
  Dance Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Tribute To The King King Jr. CA  
  BASS CITY VOL1 Andromeda UK  
  BASS CITY VOL2 Andromeda UK  
  Dust Off And Dance Tiffany CA  
  Eclectic JC UK  
  Putty In Their Hands - Thrills & Chills Triprocket TX  
  Vallesca Vallesca PR  
  Velvet SHANI CA  
  Educational Album Nominees Artist Location  
  99 Ways To Get More Out Of Every Day Gene Griessman, Ph.D. GA  
  Down the Dirt Road Blues Spencer Bohren LA  
  Lessons From Legends Gene Griessman GA  
  Literature Of The Harlem Renaissance Sheila Evans NY  
  The Greatest Cartoon Voice Tricks Ever S Patrick Fraley CA  
  The Star Children Daniel Jacob WA  
  To Our Little Sisters With Love Karen Jenkins & Tracy Wise DE  
  What Every Musician Should Know About Se Bob Baker MO  
  Electronic Album Nominees Artist Location  
  2 Days or Die Atlas Plug CT  
  A Sip of Sunshine redCola: Paul & Price CA  
  Break Out Of Prism Solovox OR  
  digital confessions duke b NY  
  Fortune Favors The Bald Q*Ball NJ  
  Helmutvision pH10 CO  
  Position Music Solamingus CA  
  Progression Munkie UK  
  Supertweeker Supertweeker CA  
  European Album Nominees Artist Location  
  bla kongo Bla Kongo Sweden  
  In Love Again Soumia France  
  Maksimale Sikkness Mad Maks & Sikk Germany  
  Mi ACCORDO Daniele Groff Italy  
  Premier Regard Dana Kern France  
  Real Epic Demetrios Katis Greece  
  Revolution Bryo Switzerland  
  Sun Behind the Stern(Russian) Spasenie Belarus  
  What Is Gone Doesn't Necessarily Disappe Alalie Lilt Austria  
  Experimental Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Billy X: Solo Set Billy X. Curmano MN  
  Bullheaded The art of who did CA  
  COMBINES 2 perry botkin CA  
  COMBINES 3 perry botkin CA  
  Hates Mike Macharyas Erin Smogor NY  
  Lullaby And Other Music RobSound Brazil  
  Vecindario Global Andres Argil/alejandro Saqui Mexico  
  words and voices aesthetic evidence MA  
  Female Singer-Songwriter Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Ballads & Burlesque Rachael Sage NY  
  Billie's Bones Janis Ian TN  
  Bittertown Lori McKenna MA  
  Breathe The Same Air Brooke Fox NY  
  elusive Adrina Thorpe CA  
  Give In Anne Heaton NY  
  Love the Mess Rachel Loy TX  
  The Color Of Silence Tiffany CA  
  The Simply Said Session Jo Davidson NY  
  Under the Gypsy Sky Jenn Adams TN  
  Unexpected Erika Luckett CA  
  Yellow Cary Cooper TX  
  Gospel Album Nominees Artist Location  
  811 Masque IL  
  Break Thru The Spiritual Sonz GA  
  He Knows How West Tennessee Mass Choir TN  
  Heart of a Worshipper John Murray & Worship PA  
  Imagine East Bay Anointed Voices CA  
  It's In The Praise Dr. Pat Mckinstry, Chris Byrd OH  
  Praise & Worship Volume 1 Elisha Parris and Heart's Desi FL  
  The Decade Pastor Gary L. Wyatt & SureHou WA  
  Hard Rock Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Deep Bloodroot NY  
  Dischord Smeer ON  
  Her Majesty Sophia Ramos NY  
  Infinite Infect Vegas In Space CA  
  Murder on My Mind Lovehammers IL  
  Personal Space Jet Motor Crash CA  
  Sovereign Mind Colporter CA  
  The Absence Point One WA  
  Hawaiian Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Hoaloha Maua Wendell Peters & Fernando Pere HI  
  Hoomalie Ray Sowders HI  
  How-lee The Hoppin' Haole Brothers NJ  
  In This Enchanted Place Manny K Fernandez OR  
  Ma'alahi Nawai HI  
  Slack Key West Jim "Kimo" West CA  
  Sweet and Sacred: A Fragrant Offering Bill Neubauer NY  
  White Sandy Beach Manea NV  
  Holiday Album Nominees Artist Location  
  All I Want For Christmas Hampton Avenue ON  
  December In Vermont Diane Zeigler VT  
  Django Bells The Gypsy Hombres TN  
  Irish Christmas Rollick Darby O'Gill OR  
  Midwinter--Songs of Christmas Misty River OR  
  On Angels' Wings Ali Matthews ON  
  Santa's Clones Hal Willis TN  
  This Christmas Morning Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito NY  
  Indian Classical/Traditional Nominees Artist Location  
  Desert Charm Gypsies of Rajasthan India  
  Rasayana Purbayan Chatterjee & Shashank India  
  Pure Kaushiki Chakrabarty India  
  In Union Ajoy Chakrabarty India  
  Kala Kala Ramnath India  
  Bhajans Shakti Vilas Italy  
  Shehnai Daya Shankar India  
  Radiant N. Rajam India  
  Indian Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Bandish Fusion Subhen Chatterjee India  
  Bas Hun Aman CA  
  Dasi: Prayers by Women Karnamrita CA  
  Gypsyindia Babukishan India  
  My Love Is You Rupam Sarmah CA  
  Sattva Manish Vyas CO  
  The Udhav Shinde Trio The Udhav Shinde Trio Belgium  
  Yours for the Taking Signia BC  
  Industrial Album Nominees Artist Location  
  1989-1999: "Hasten The Burning With The Out Out MA  
  Atomic Erotic V.S.B. Germany  
  Cold and naked A New January IL  
  Devil At The Wheel CRUD MI  
  Something To Cry About Db9d9 CA  
  The Repo Session Ghost in the Machine WI  
  Vortex Collide CA  
  Instrumental Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Ariel View: Tone Poems for Violin and Pi Karen Bentley & Bruce Hanifan AL  
  Cruisin' the Creek Gary Sredzienski & The Serfs ME  
  Glass Stories Donal Hinely TN  
  Jordan and the Dog Woman Beth Denisch MA  
  Musica Incantata Quartetto Amoroso CA  
  Perpetual motion Angelo DiPippo NY  
  Quartet San Francisco Jeremy Cohen CA  
  Visions for Flute and Harp Laurie Conrad NY  
  Instrumental Jazz Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Blue After Hours Dan Jacobs MI  
  Critical Brass Hungry March Band NY  
  New Groove Blues Steve Yeager MN  
  NOUVEAU The Gypsy Hombres TN  
  Pacific Coast Highway Nils Jiptner CA  
  Stick Figures Terry Bowness TX  
  Tevet Sela Tevet Sela Israel  
  Violin Jazz Jeremy Cohen CA  
  Jewish Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Ahavah Rabah Rebecca†† PA  
  Beyond Tomorrow Julie Silver CA  
  Friday Night Live Craig Taubman CA  
  Gan Shirim, A Garden Of Songs Carol Boyd Leon VA  
  Journey Neshama Carlebach NY  
  Pieces of Light Pizmon NY  
  Prayers/Tefilot Rebecca Teplow NJ  
  Slice Of Light Uzca CA  
  Klezmer Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Actions Speak Louder Than Words Klezmer Juice CA  
  Amulet Nikitov MN  
  Close Enough for Klezmer The Alexandria Kleztet MD  
  Freylach Time! The Klezmer Dance Band Freylach Time! NC  
  Live from KlezKamp! The Staff Concerts 1 Various Artists NY  
  Nakhes Fun Klezmer Dobe Ressler And Di Bostoner K MA  
  New Jersey Freylekhs The Klez Dispensers NY  
  Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge Andy Statman NY  
  Latin Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Aqui Vengo Debbie Spain  
  BIOS Gandhi FL  
  BONGOLAND Cecilia NoŽl & the Wild Clams CA  
  Cuentame Jose Val FL  
  Gozalo El Rubio Loco PC  
  Live At The Blue Note Big 3 Palladium Orchestra FL  
  Money Money Orquesta D'Soul CA  
  Selections from Tres Oraciones Lourdes Perez TX  
  Live Album Nominees Artist Location  
  24 Off The Board Nina Storey CO  
  A NightAt The Puppet House Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovia NY  
  Amy Fairchild Live Amy Fairchild MA  
  for show Eclipse UT  
  Live Steve Seskin CA  
  Live Bootleg Travis Meeks AZ  
  The Last Roundup Poco CA  
  Would You Please Welcome... Joe Rathburn Joe Rathburn CA  
  Male Singer-Songwriter Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Before The Separation Freebo CA  
  Bob Gentry Bob Gentry CA  
  Born Too Late Bob Malone CA  
  Conduit Seth Horan NV  
  Give It All Away Billie Burke Estate WA  
  High Horse Brent Floren MN  
  Just Me Tim Moyer CA  
  Live Steve Seskin CA  
  One Voice, One Guitar - Vol. 2 Jim Femino PA  
  Revelation Land John William Davis CO  
  Road Ragas - LIVE Harry Manx BC  
  Theatre of the Unheard Darrell Scott TN  
  Metal Album Nominees Artist Location  
  ...And Soon The Sun Will Rise... Medicine Tongue TX  
  degenerate matter deadsun TN  
  Johnstons Theory Wheeliebar WI  
  Psalms KriticKill TX  
  Puttin' the ass in class Str8jackit BC  
  The Balancing Act FLATLINE IL  
  The Plastic Parade Absent Society CA  
  Middle Eastern Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Ashra (the First Decade Collection) Bustan Abraham Israel  
  Beginnings Khatchig Armenia  
  Godfather Tom: Music from the Armenian U Gor Mkhitarian Armenia  
  One Yitzhak & Sigalit Sadehu Israel  
  Platinum ANDY Iran  
  SIX FABLES- based on the writings of var Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia Armenia  
  Taneh Wu Raneh Yousef Shamoun Syria  
  Visions Mirage Armenia  
  Modern Rock Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Complete Demos Tally Hall MI  
  How To Sell The Whole F#@!ing Universe T Sir Millard Mulch FL  
  Music For Life Brother Luke NV  
  Pigeonholes Neal Fox CA  
  Step Up To The Stereo Slider Reno's Men NJ  
  Telling Tales The Hoo-Hah Conspiracy UK  
  The Feeling of Far Fritz Doddy NJ  
  Vasectomy The Balls w/ Auditory Sculptur OR  
  Native American Album Nominees Artist Location  
  At Long Last Shylo's Song AlCleveland NY  
  Dancing the Full Moon Ron Warren MD  
  Kairos Terrylee Whetstone KS  
  Land of Our Birth Eagle Spirit CA  
  Peaceful Journey Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reiba OR  
  Story of the Redtail Hawk Mac Lopez CA  
  Voice From Within Michael Searching Bear OH  
  Waking Spirit Charlie Wayne Watson GA  
  New Age Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Buddha Lounge 3 Tau CA  
  Deep Within A Faerie Forest Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule CA  
  Nomad Andres Condon Germany  
  Presence Sita NM  
  Suncatcher Faith Rivera CA  
  The Open Path Keary BC  
  The Undershore Catherine Marie Charlton DE  
  Visions Lee Boice NJ  
  New Folk Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Ashes Cris Williamson WA  
  House of Silence Bryndle CA  
  Lucky If Easy Alfred James Band PA  
  Luv Songs For Grownups Dreamsicles TX  
  Out of Time Open Book NY  
  Sideshow Romance Juni Fisher TN  
  The Kitchen Tapes Lori McKenna MA  
  Underdog Wishing Chair KY  
  Novelty Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Every Man I Love is EIther Married, Gay, Kacey Jones TN  
  Live From Our Pants Fast & Dirty ON  
  My Momma Made Me Wear This- A Collection Roy Wood, Jr. AL  
  Rage Against the Mundane Tony Goldmark CA  
  Self-Bootleg Eric Schwartz NY  
  Sick Humor Carla Ulbrich SC  
  The Da Vinci Commode Damage Control Comedy Crew FL  
  The World's Favorite Cluckoratura Arias Orriel Smith CA  
  Polka Album Nominees Artist Location  
  3 Sessions in 1 Gary Kuchenbecker WI  
  A Taste of Switzerland FRITZ'S POLKA BAND NY  
  Dogs Playing Polka Big Lou's Polka Casserole CA  
  Polka Can't Die The Polkaholics IL  
  Polka Music Oooh Boy! Frank Moravcik OH  
  Whoop Up ! Polka Country Musicians CT  
  Wooden Heart LynnMarie & The Boxhounds TN  
  Pop Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Angels & Demons Cindy Alexander CA  
  Cinematic Jag Star TN  
  Famous Jeddrah CA  
  How We Fight The Animators NY  
  In This Moment Preeta Carlson HI  
  REACH SKAMP Lithuania  
  something For Nothing david z MD  
  Twelve Danielle McKee CA  
  Punk Album Nominees Artist Location  
  50 Foot Wave 50 Foot Wave VA  
  A Date With Destiny The Primetime Heroes KS  
  Blue Skies Forever Mary Prankster NY  
  Chinese Burn The Len Price 3 Australia  
  Eat the Night The Ettes CA  
  Fame and Flies Brat MD  
  Parade of Sinners Ken PA  
  Rock`n Road Annie Dufresne QC  
  R&B Album Nominees Artist Location  
  At the Casbah SHANI CA  
  Ghetto-Bourgeois Ginger Jackson CA  
  Got To Let It Go Angela Johnson NY  
  Honey Brown Honey Brown GA  
  Shades Nina Storey CO  
  Simply Ace TN  
  Time Traveler The Dazz Band CA  
  Rap Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Adversity Butterfly Toungz IN  
  Big Boi Tactics 6'6 240 WV  
  Big swiff-5yards to stardom Big swiff TX  
  ''Boogie Joe The Grinder'' Bazooka Joe Gotti//B.J.G. CA  
  One Woman Army Ta-Ta NJ  
  The Initiative Soz CA  
  Urban Mind Expansion Most Chill SLACKMOB CA  
  Reggae Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Akila Barrett featuring the Wailers Band Akila Barrett Jamaica  
  Divine Creation ZION JUDAH Trinidad & Tobago  
  Where Is The Love Biggie Irie Barbados  
  Papa Africa Haile Maskel Jamaica  
  Public Property Public Property IA  
  Ready to Groove Tinga Stewart Jamaica  
  Sign of the Times Tippa Irie UK  
  The Realist Rashani Caribbean  
  Rock Album Nominees Artist Location  
  ...to know a whale Duane Allen Harlick MI  
  Broken Douglas Wood CA  
  Practical Insanity Jody Whitesides CA  
  River To The Sea Simon Apple PA  
  Signs and Wonders King Street Healers SK  
  The Inside Jasmine Cain TN  
  The Revenge Of Pop*star*kids pOp*stAr*kiDs NY  
  This Magnificent Nonsence Square CA  
  Rock Instrumental Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Abyss Dennis H. Lotka CA  
  blue electric cool Curtis Fornadley CA  
  Burn Season Travis Larson Band CA  
  Electric Cartoon Music From Hell Electrocution 250 UK  
  Intensity Sydnei Carvalho - Alex Martinh Brazil  
  Italian Playboys The Link Quartet OR  
  These Are a Few of My Favorite Things Mark Wood NY  
  Up The Anesthetic Up The Anesthetic CA  
  Rockabilly Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Boogie Station Wild Willie & Big Deal Finland  
  catch me if you can pete worden and the hardtimers NY  
  Hooked on Jive Dave Taylor UK  
  Radio Friendly Hits For Your DJ To Play The Dempseys TN  
  Roostina Rumblejetts KS  
  Saturday Rich and Sunday Poor '52 Pickup MD  
  The Best Of Mark Kelf And The Valley Boy Mark Kelf And The Valley Boys TX  
  The Sun Also Rises, Vol. 1 Jamie Aaron Kelley IA  
  Roots Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Beyond Borders Andrew McKnight VA  
  Blue Eyed Darlin' Susie Glaze CA  
  Born Near the Waters . . . Kasey Rausch MO  
  Dear Mama The Merritts GA  
  Deliverance Amy Martin MT  
  Up From The Ground Below M Shanghai String Band NY  
  Whose Heart Is This? Candace Randolph TN  
  Wild -n- Swingin' Sweet Sunny South CO  
  Roots Instrumental Album Nominees Artist Location  
  11 Wonderful Bluegrass Instrumentals Mountain Hollow Music AL  
  Andy Pond and the CX-1 Blackhole Bluegra Andy Pond NC  
  Candlewyck Candlewyck NC  
  Copacetic Daniel Holt Bohannon GA  
  First Dance Mike Stahlman OR  
  Redwing Andy Hall TN  
  Shufflin' Richard Greene CA  
  Some Melodious Sonnet Hanneke Cassel MA  
  Salsa Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Breakthrough Orquesta La Palabra CA  
  It's ShoTime Chino Nunez and Friends FL  
  Nino Torrente & Son de Hoy Nino Torrente & Son de Hoy CT  
  Quimbombů Quimbombů NY  
  Renacer Orquesta Yambo IL  
  Salsa Pa'America Victor Hugo UK  
  Willie Sotelo Presenta Orquesta La Mundi Willie Sotelo PR  
  y seguimos bailando Rigo y su obra maestra PR  
  Self Help/Meditation Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Moment's Peace Tracy Carreon TN  
  Are You Stuck?A Self-Guided Process to Tricia Stewart Shiu CA  
  Grounding & Centering, from the Ancient Laura Scott CT  
  Healing from Loss Dr. Kathryn Seifert, Ph.D MD  
  Java Jems: 5 minute inspirations for bus Cindi R. Maciolek NV  
  Reinventing Myself guided meditations Sonya Green WA  
  Stopping Smoking Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D. CA  
  Weight Control Louis Eyres Hypnotherapist N. Ireland  
  Solo Guitar Album Nominees Artist Location  
  All Or Nothing Steve Cotten MA  
  Consistent Variation Rob Eberhard Young FL  
  Drifting Into Oblivion John Danley TN  
  Escape Velocity Andrew Smith BC  
  Guitar Peace Roger Hudson TN  
  Italian Fingerstyle Guitar Franco Morone CA  
  Ladies Night Preston Reed Scotland  
  The Rest of Angels Adam Keeler OH  
  Solo Instrumental Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Accordion Nights Kim Darwin BC  
  Bow and Cello Gretchen Yanover WA  
  Inflorescence -Music for Solo Flute(2 CD Laurel Zucker CA  
  Mbira Sanctuary Kevin Nathaniel NY  
  Qadim Tim Rayborn CA  
  Soliloquy Michael Manring CA  
  Thais To The Irish:Fiddle Tunes From T David Algeo Smith IL  
  Without Words Lily Neill MD  
  Solo Piano Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Cold-Hearted Orb Roger MacNaughton MI  
  Looking Back Leland Dent WA  
  On The Loose Bruce Stoller AZ  
  Rose Garden Suite Michael Allen Harrison OR  
  Seasons of a Heart David Hampton TN  
  Tootsie Tunes Richard Freitas CT  
  Touch the Sky Mike Strickland WA  
  Ultreya Markus Burger CA  
  Soundtrack Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Caravan Tim Story OH  
  Dr. Phibes Rises Again John Gale CA  
  Invasion of the Body Snatchers Denny Zeitlin CA  
  Jesus, again? Bjarne O. Denmark  
  The Basket Motion Picture Soundtrack Don Caron WA  
  The Greatest Good Lance Bendiksen CO  
  THE PATSY - Motion Picture Soundtrack Vivek Maddala CA  
  Wilson Chance - The Sound of Danger Hammondbeat OR  
  South & Central American Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Cantopoe Tangoman Argentina  
  Cosecha Chaskinakuy Andes  
  Deslizando Sobre Ondas de Tens„o ( Slidi Zabomba Brazil  
  Incas in Cyberspace Incas in Cyberspace Peru  
  InkAmerica InkAmerica Peru  
  Inverse/universe Claudia Villela & Ricardo Peixoto Brazil  
  Mamitay Pachacamac Andes  
  Musicians Farmers and Poets Nicaraguan Fair Trade Farmers Nicaragua  
  Spoken Word Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Exposed JEN/ed NY  
  F*cking Poetry Rachel Kann CA  
  Fallen Light Renew Amanda Kramer CA  
  Get Familiar - CD 2 Live @ The Oakland Box Queen Sheba CA  
  Hostile Intentions Chamber 7 CA  
  Love Costs Renea L. Moss FL  
  Performance Anxiety Aimee Herman CT  
  the sista factor (live) b.r.burns TX  
  Storytelling Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Afterhell -- Dark Descent Ollin Productions OR  
  An Original Radio Drama: The Battle of Alcatraz Actors Scene Unseen NC  
  Aunt Ruby's Funeral Trip Patsy Hatfield Lawson TN  
  Christmas at Southern White Old Lady Hospital Andy Offutt Irwin GA  
  George & Ruth--Songs and Letters of the Spanish Civil War Tony Saletan, Sylvia Miskoe, D MA  
  HOLD ME FAST Dan Domench ME  
  Poe's Greatest Hits: Tales & Poems by the Master of Horror NormanGeorge MA  
  Son-Of-A-Gun Stew: A Texas Cowboy's Gather Dennis Gaines TX  
  The ODASea: A Night Sea Journey Jean-Vi Lenthe NM  
  Surf Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Double Diamonds Deluxe Shig and the Buzz CA  
  POINT ZERO The Atlantics Australia  
  Rides Again! Longboard Ranch CA  
  Somewhere in California The Torquays DE  
  Surf Americana The Plungers TX  
  Surf! Surf! Surf! Aqualads NC  
  They're Alive The Seamonkees WA  
  Thrills & Chills The Moon-Rays IL  
  Techno Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Underground Industry Digital Beat Finland  
  Maconda4th Maconda UK  
  The World of Sound soundhole CA  
  13 Ampacity 13 Amp (Now KZ) KY  
  Morphscape Frank Klepacki NV  
  Impulse Prime zircon NY  
  Merge Auditory Sculpture OR  
  We Are SwitchFocus SwitchFocus WI  
  Theater Album Nominees Artist Location  
  A Little Princess Ray Koehler, Ed Mintz, Neil Mi CT  
  Amelia's Journey Amelia's Journey MD  
  Everything the Traffic Will Allow Klea Blackhurst NY  
  Naked Boys Singing! Original Cast Recording CA  
  Oh No Not Emily totally honest productions CA  
  Open HeartThe Musical†† Singer/Songwri Robby Benson CA  
  The Ginger Rogers Story Music: Bonnie Janofsky, Lyrics: Libby Hughes CA  
  The Hunchback of Notre Dame...A musical Dennis DeYoung IL  
  Traditional Folk Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Chicken Dinners Chuck McCabe CA  
  Flea Circus Steve Quelet PA  
  Holding Hands Richard Berman MA  
  Journal On A Shelf Bill Sheffield GA  
  Living on Maximum Wage Tom Neilson MA  
  lost hills Terence Martin NJ  
  Love, Money & Revenge Shandy Lawson CT  
  Where The Mangoes Are Kate McDonnell NY  
  Urban Gospel Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Changes Gina Green CA  
  Fire In My Bones Lawrence Smith MO  
  He Loves Me Belinda FL  
  Heaven and Earth Acappella TN  
  Issues Of Life Selah2 GA  
  just believe yatron CO  
  Sacrifice Patrice Wilson GA  
  Vocal Jazz Album Nominees Artist Location  
  52nd Street Victor Fields CA  
  Another Place And Time Alan Paul CA  
  Club Bordeaux Jeff DeHerdt IN  
  I'm Just The Singer In The Band Artie Kaplan FL  
  Is It Love? Gail Marten & The Clem Ehoff Trio MD  
  Marc Courtney Johnson Marc Courtney Johnson IL  
  Old Fashioned Love Melissa Collard CA  
  On A San Francisco High Sony Holland CA  
  World Album Nominees Artist Location  
  Byzantine Meditation Antaeus CA  
  Four Higher autorickshaw ON  
  Indus Red Indus Red OH  
  lovedeathbeauty Green Man CA  
  Progressive World Autumn's Child featuring Mark MO  
  Provenance Hooshere NY  
  Walkabout Paul Taylor WY  
  Wine Dark Sea Bad Haggis CA