This Lyric is #242

"Holding Hands in Wal-Mart"
by Richard Berman

1. Holding hands in Wal-Mart
Doesn't seem especially brave
But I was right behind them
And I saw the cashier's face

The look of shock, then anger
Then the masking of that glance
So much feeling stirred so quickly
By two women holding hands

The world is not in danger
Of succumbing to a flood
Of being overwhelmed
By a rising sea of love

Every kind of caring
Is a blessing on the land
Seems what's needed here is more
Not less
Of people holding hands

2. One of the women had had a husband
For over sixteen years
Had worked hard to see herself
As happy as she appeared

But there was a voice that called her
From someplace deep inside
That told her not to settle
And would not be denied

3. Her father knows the Gospel
He's an elder in his church
And for him his daughter's choice
Unravels his life's work

"You know you're killing your mother"
He tells her when she phones
And once again she's made to see
There's no more going home


4. I watch these women walking
And I am a bit in awe
They pay no heed to cashiers
Or others in the store

And I wonder 'bout myself
If I loved another man
Would I walk with him through Wal-Mart?
Would I offer him my hand?


© 2000 by Richard L. Berman