This Lyric is #213

Joshua's Moon
©2003 Graham Andrews
Joshua just wouldn't go to sleep
Out of his bed he used to creep
to the window
Gazing up into star-filled skies
Head on the sill with sleepy eyes
Who filled the moon with fireflies
to make it glow?

Joshua's moon is a golden balloon
high over hill tops and cherry wood smoke
Joshua's moon floats to the tune
of the beer-bellied bullfrog croak
So big, so bright
On a beautiful night
but its over and done too soon
Hurry back now
Joshua's moon

Joshua's teens brought a whole new world
Chevys and college and chasing girls
for the first time
Starry eyed passion with Anna-Marie
Sharing true love under their tree
Pledging devotion eternally
in the moonlight


Age after age
everything's handed down
The moon still circles
everything comes around

(V3 -short)
Joshua junior won't sleep tonight
until daddy rocks him in the moonlight
Anna-Marie says its alright
Just one more time