This Lyric is #175

© 2003, words by Timothy D Brown (BMI)

There’s a diner on the corner of Roosevelt and Main
At the counter stands a waitress watching the pouring rain
She watches the neon colors streaming down the Window Pane
Then gives a soft and gentle sigh: Amanda is her name

Amanda’s dreams are bigger than the life Amanda leads
The world is blind to all the things she could someday be
Amanda leads a secret life at least that’s how it seems
I wish that I could look inside and see Amanda’s dreams

It’s three o’clock in the morning but it doesn’t seem that late
There’s American Pie on the jukebox and peach pie on my plate
I’ve got a cup of coffee some sugar and some cream
The only thing I really want is to be in Amanda’s dreams

<Repeat Chorus>

I wonder if she ever dreams of sailing on the sea
Does she dream of a happy home and a loving family
Does she dream of rainbows in a blue sky up above
I wonder if she dreams of finding love….

She’s in her early twenty’s ‘though it’s kind of hard to tell
Behind the smile and sparkling eyes she’s seen her share of Hell
If I could take her away from here things would never be the same
She doesn’t know that I exist doesn’t even know my name

<Key change, Repeat Chorus>

I wish that I could look inside and see Amanda’s dreams

© 2003, words by Timothy D Brown (BMI), music by Graham Snow