This Lyric is #131

When Cordelia Played
©2003 Zak Morgan Music

Cordelia was smart with a sweet little heart,
A beautiful, delicate, live work of art.
But folks didn’t like her free spirit,
And they told their kids not to go near it.
So when her miraculous music would start,
There was no one around who could hear it.

Cordelia had grown used to being alone,
The loneliest child the world’s ever known.
But the orphan without friends or kin
Found a place she could nestle her chin.
And she always found solace when her spirit shone
Through the strings of her old violin.

When Cordelia played,
She saw her spirit soar.
When Cordelia played,
She wasn’t lonely anymore.
When Cordelia played.
When Cordelia played.

Then early in June, when the wind was just right,
Her melody blew into town late at night.
It washed over hearts that were jaded,
And all of the bitterness faded.
They followed the music ‘til they saw the light,
And everyone’s heart was elated…


If Cordelia reminds you of someone you know,
Don’t wait around for the right wind to blow.
And if she is your kindred spirit,
Someday soon people will cheer it.
Believe in yourself when your strings meet the bow,
And be sure to let everyone hear it.