This Lyric is #115

Blood and Adrenaline
-Ozone Pete

I tell a sad and simple story,
About a sad and simple man,
Still grieving for his murdered youth;
Left where the dreaming Buddhas stand.

In the southern half of a country,
That the muddy Mekong spans,
We humped through the sweating jungles,
Our weapons in our hands;
We were there to save those people,
And keep democracy from harm;
But we learned to save each other,
...And to hell with Vietnam.

The new L.T. ordered up an ambush,
He was so "West-Point", young and green;
Hungry for some glory,
And a taste of blood and adrenaline.

When Charlie walked into that valley,
We were ready to put their souls in flight;
Time stood still, and the Universe shrank,
To where I held them in my sights.
We unleashed the sound and the fury,
Of claymore, grenade, and gun;
Lead and steel fulfilled their destinies;
We blew them straight to Kingdom Come.

But just a half klick up the trail,
Was a full company dressed in black;
As our radioman screamed for air support,
Their mortars walked right up our backs.
They cut our platoon to pieces,
Before the gunships came blazing in;
Just as we'd done to them, they left us to lie,
...In blood and adrenaline.

Wish that I could find my lost innocence,
And enfold it to my breast,
But it's still walking that dappled jungle,
With the wasted dead that never rest.
When the politicians do their own killing;
Then killing will truly become a sin;
Maybe then I'll awake from this haunted dream,
...Of blood and adrenaline.