This Lyric is #019

Cherokee Wind
©2000-2003 Carl Towns

The summer wind is blowing in the valley
I can see the Eagle soaring high.
I can hear a lone Wolf howling,
speaking of another time.

The Wolf did roam, in peace through the forest,
the Bison lived so wild and free,
suddenly men came and called it progress,
only a subtle name for greed.

Cherokee Wind blowing gently through the trees.
Takes me back to the time when we were free.
I hear the song calling like a long lost friend,
It's the spirit of the Cherokee Wind. Oooohhh

The brother cries and I often wonder.
If as man, we can ever hear.
what it is that he is really saying,
Will we ever move past our fears.

You can't judge a man by his color
you can't see the savage within
but the deeds that he may do to his brothers
will reveal the true hearts of men.
On the outside it doesn't really matter,
what I may appear to be,
for deep inside this earthen vessel,
beats the heart of the Cherokee.
(Repeat Chorus)

TAG: It's the spirit of the Cherokee Wind. Oooohhh