This Lyric is #008

©2003 Words & Music by Robert Kvinnesland

[verse 1]
Well I’m no builder, nor a builder’s son,
But I will give some advice until a true builder comes,
'Bout the art and the craft of working that wood,
When a joint's not connecting like you know it should...
There’s a trick-o’-the-trade that master builders use...
A tried-and-true tactic all inspectors approve!
It’s called...

(Yeah) Tongue-in-groove!
It’s the time-tested method real handymen use...
It’s a sure-fire system that is sure to enthuse...
Before the nailing ensues and all that banging accrues,
Think “Tongue-in-groove”!
(Yeah) Tongue-in-groove!

[verse 2]
You know a stud is long and a stud is strong,
But there are just some times when a stud fits wrong,
So if a joist is weak or a joint needs a tweak,
Take the task in hand,
(And take that tongue out of your cheek!)
It’s the master technique that real craftsmen use,
And it’s guaran-A-teed to make your home improve!
It’s called…


[short instrumental, then “Take it, professor”]

[bridge (sung/spoken in an erudite manner)]
They used it on the Eiffel
And in London for the queen,
Had they fashioned it in Pisa
Then that tower wouldn’t lean...
Exercised it in Florence,
Realized it in Ghent...
But never in Atlantis...
And look where they went!
It worked in ancient Greece
For each Acropolis and edifice,
Except for one disastrous time
Attempted by King Oedipus!

They had the wood to try it
In the doorways of Valhal...
Utilized it even more ways
When they built the Taj Mahal,
Every nation and persuasion
Has been known to enjoy it...
All through the Occident and Orient
The builders employ it...
The Muslims and Christians,
The Hindus and Jews,
The Chinese and English,
Even Zulus and Bantus... use


[verse 3]
So if you wanna be a builder, be it north or be it south,
Know that best advertising is always word of mouth...
When you’re plying the trade just be sure to do your part,
Take a hold of that craft and turn it more into an art,
Don’t you worry ‘bout the noise, hell let the neighbors move,
‘Cause there’s no union site that’s gonna ever refuse... that


[close with the usual fade-out, vamp, whatever... you know the drill!]