Just Plain Folks 2001 Album Winners (In Alpha Order)
Alternative Artists Alternative Album Nominees Location
Winner Johnny Hyde Here Comes the Breakdown GA
2nd Place Collide Chasing the Ghost CA
3rd Place Jody Whitesides Energy Audio Revolution CA
4th Place Wire Graffiti Hitting Traffic CA
Americana Artists Americana Album Nominees Location
Winner Rhonda Schuster Out of My Heart NJ
2nd Place Johnsmith to the Four Directions WI
3rd Place Susan Sheller On The Way To Here CA
4th Place Beans Sousa Into the Blue NV
Blues Artists Blues Album Nominees Location
Winner Mark Cook An Evening With the Blues GA
2nd Place Bobby Manriquez another shade of blue(s) PA
3rd Place Steve White Steve White CA
4th Place Forrest McDonald What's It Gonna Take? GA
Cabaret/Torch Jazz Artists Cabaret/Torch Jazz Album Nominees Location
Winner Erika Luckett Tinted Glass CA
2nd Place Craig Rubano Finishing The Act NY
3rd Place Lisa Hindmarsh Now I Know PA
4th Place Robin McKelhatten Never Let Me Go CA
Celtic Artists Celtic Album Nominees Location
Winner Tania Elizabeth This Side Up Canada
2nd Place Urban Celtic Urban Celtic PA
3rd Place Katy Taylor Mirabilis NY
4th Place Danny O'Flaherty Listen to the Wind LA
Childrens Artists Childrens Album Nominees Location
Winner Bob King & Friends The Giant Hot Dog That Ate Regina! Canada
2nd Place Joe Thompson Every Kind of Magic MD
3rd Place Wendee Animal Dance and Other Silly Songs CA
4th Place Dixon DeVore II The Littlest Leprechaun NH
Classical Artists Classical Album Nominees Location
Winner Matt Haimovitz J.S. Bach 6 Suites for Cello MA
2nd Place Gunnar Madsen Spinning World CA
3rd Place Debbie Johnson Classical Spice CA
4th Place Thomas Pandolfi Pianist MD
College Rock Artists College Rock Album Nominees Location
Winner Mike Farley Band Halfaworldaway OH
2nd Place Steadman Loser Friendly UK
3rd Place Golden Ticket Imaginary Stars CA
4th Place Johnny Clueless What's Your Flavor MN
Contemporary Artists Contemporary Album Nominees Location
Winner Kellee Bradley The Season WA
2nd Place Joe Brack Stones Throw Away NJ
3rd Place Derrik Jordan Expecting a Miracle VT
4th Place Karyn Whittemore Slippery Road UT
Cont. Christian Artists Cont. Christian Album Nominees Location
Winner Tammy Vice Love Can Grow TN
2nd Place Rena Gaile At Your Feet Canada
3rd Place By Faith Waiting CA
4th Place Leanne Allen Grace GA
Country Artists Country Album Nominees Location
Winner Kent Gray I Know How She Feels TN
2nd Place Cheley Tackett When We Knew It All TN
3rd Place The Don Campbell Band The Mashed Potato Swing ME
4th Place Derryl Perry Derryl Perry TN
Ethnic Artists Ethnic Album Nominees Location
Winner Rahel Jaskow Day Of Rest Israel
2nd Place Urania Sera Para Siempre CA
3rd Place The Noga Group Santorini NY
4th Place Nancy Seibert Loca for the Polka IN
Female S/S Artists Female S/S Album Nominees Location
Winner Noelle Hampton Under These Skies CA
2nd Place Vicki Genfen Outside the Box NJ
3rd Place Ina May Wool Moon Over 97th Street NY
4th Place Karen Ires Karen Ires NY
Traditional Folk Artists Traditional Folk Album Nominees Location
Winner Richard Berman Storied Lives MA
2nd Place Tim Grimm Heart Land IN
3rd Place Greg Jacobs South of Muskogee Town OK
4th Place C. Daniel Boling Welcome Home NM
Gospel Artists Gospel Album Nominees Location
Winner Tyrone Powell & The Friends of Christ Relationship Project VA
2nd Place Grubbs & Imes Song Evangel GA
3rd Place Lorraine Stancil You're My Everything VA
4th Place Rev. Price King Mother I Still Love You KY
Hard Rock Artists Hard Rock Album Nominees Location
Winner Johnny Young Drone NY
2nd Place Monica Guareschi Group Two Kingdoms Italy
3rd Place Lee Saunders A Promise of Peace WV
4th Place Rumble Syndicate Liquor Store, Laundromat, Chinese Restraunt MA
Holiday Artists Holiday Album Nominees Location
Winner Charlie Sneller Sounds for the Season CA
2nd Place The D's 3 Christmas at the Rockhouse IL
3rd Place Danny O'Flaherty An Irish Christmas Carol LA
4th Place The McKrells Merry Christmas NY
Instrumental Artists Instrumental Album Nominees Location
Winner Lynn Patrick Winnie's Guitar CO
2nd Place Kim Angelis Esperanza CA
3rd Place Steven Coon A Loss for Words CA
4th Place Golana Feather on the Wind CA
Jazz Artists Jazz Album Nominees Location
Winner Steve Glotzer Life Imitates Art CO
2nd Place Darryl Alexander Tea For Two OH
3rd Place Ernie Savage Swing This NY
4th Place Plunky & Oneness Saxy Mellow Moments VA
Live Artists Live Album Nominees Location
Winner Michelle Malone Strange Bird Volume 3 GA
2nd Place Kerry Getz Live at the Galaxy CA
3rd Place Dave Nachmanoff Snapshots CA
4th Place Joel Cage Live   MA
Male S/S Artists Male S/S Album Nominees Location
Winner Rob Seals A Revolution of One NC
2nd Place Pete Masitti Turn Around FL
3rd Place Fred Wilhelm Amidlife TN
4th Place Greg Nicholson The High Trapeze CA
Metal/Thrash Artists Metal/Thrash Album Nominees Location
Winner Something Wicked 100% Wicked IN
2nd Place Toxsin Illusion Germany
3rd Place Grumpy Grumpy FL
4th Place Affliction Affliction WI
Modern Rock Artists Modern Rock Album Nominees Location
Winner SpaceStation There's nothing routine about space travel CA
2nd Place Jed If These Shoes Could Talk CA
3rd Place Tin Man Alley Public Display of Affliction CA
4th Place The Scoldees My Pathetic Life NY
New Folk Artists New Folk Album Nominees Location
Winner Dave Nachmanoff Snapshots CA
2nd Place Wishing Chair The Ghost of Will Harbut KY
3rd Place Mary Gauthier Drag Queens in Limousines MA
4th Place Mary Ann Rossoni Half Slips & Garters RI
Pop Artists Pop Album Nominees Location
Winner Kelly Brock So Close Canada
2nd Place Jennifer Marks My Name's Not Red NY
3rd Place Hot Honey Magnet Sparklingly Few MD
4th Place Harry Francis Here In The UnderGround PA
R & B Artists R & B Album Nominees Location
Winner Little Sista Revolution CA
2nd Place Natalie Brown Let the Candle Burn CA
3rd Place Abenaa Tuesday's Child NY
4th Place Overeasy Yes Virginia NY
Rock Artists Rock Album Nominees Location
Winner Jennie DeVoe Ta Da IN
2nd Place Michelle Malone Bootleg GA
3rd Place American Icon American Icon NY
4th Place John Taglieri Leap Of Faith NJ
Solo Inst. Artists Solo Inst. Album Nominees Location
Winner John McKone Here It Is MN
2nd Place Sarah Lane The Joshua Tree Sessions CA
3rd Place Catherine Marie Charlton Jeweled Rain DE
4th Place Vicki Logan Chasing Dreams MN
Industrial/Techno Artists Industrial/Techno Album Nominees Location
Winner db9d9 db9d9 CA
2nd Place Led Led MN
3rd Place Trans-Dimensional Voice Inside The Outside MA
4th Place Mindless Faith Manifest Destiny NY