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Mentor: Joshua David Whitmore Location: Hawaii

Joshua David Whitmore

Joshua David Whitmore was born in the small industrial town of Gardner, Massachusetts. His father Johnwas a machinist and his mother Margie a self-employed beautician. Before settling in to his job after World War II, John played music in a local traveling group called the "Bar X Cowboys," a colorful band whose music could be described as a blend of Spike Jones and Bob Wills. It wasgreat feeling music, with humor and showmanship. One of Josh's earliest musical memories is hearing that band jam in the evening when he was very young, and of the talk of that group "getting back together" once every year.

While still in junior High School, Josh joined his first music group. It was called "The Vitrals" and consisted mostly of "older, rougher, " kids who were always cutting classes. While attending High School, he continued to play in various groups. "Every copycat British group you can think of," says Josh today.

Josh went to college at the U.S. Naval Academy, and after his graduation and subsequent discharge from the Navy, he began to play music again, this time in Southern California. As a solo act, he played coffeehouses and college clubs, like the Back Door at San Diego State, with its diverse crowd and eclectic music. This experience renewed his interest in songwriting, and the songs poured out for a couple of years. He received

a lot of encouragment from semi-famous acts passing through, so with that and a few bucks, he hit the road. FIrst touring in Texas and then making his way toward Boston for some summer gigs. He stopped off at Nashville, to check out the music scene, and fell in love with the city and its creativity. After fulfilling his obligations on the East coast, he moved his home base to Nashville, where he has lived for over twenty years.

Shortly after arriving, Josh became an exclusive writer for the Terrace Group, which then boasted Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame members Jerry Gillespie, Charlie Black, and Bobby Fischer. "I think I made fifty bucks a week for a draw, and I was very proud of that." While working part time for the Oak Ridge Boys' publishing company, Josh got his first cut by Diana Trask and produced by Nashvillle legend Norro Wilson. The song became a top 10 country hit, and even broke into the top 100 Billboard Pop chart, and Josh was bitten by the bug. What was more, producer Wilson invited Josh to come by for the recording sessions, overdubs, string session, etc., and Josh knew that he would be spending a lot of time in the recording studio, if he had his way.

From 1975-77, Josh wrote exclusively for Silverline/Goldline Music, the publishing arm of the Oak Ridge Boys. Following that, from 1978-1983, he worked for Al Gallico Music Corporation as both a staff writer and office manager, where his songs were recorded by Margo Smith, Jacky Ward, O.B.McClinton, Terry Gregory, and Charley McClain, among others. In 1980, he won an ASCAP award for his song, "You're My Kind Of

Woman" by Jacky Ward. And in demo after demo, Josh honed his skills as a producer and got somewhat of a reputation for "matching a song and an artist" both for demos and masters.

In 1992, Josh opened his own independent publishing company, Mr. Roosey's Songs, Inc as a "home" for his own compositions. He continued to independently produce artists and artist demos, and he began searching for the "right" artist to work with on a permanent basis. That search took him into many demo and master sessions, working with the great musicians and vocalists Nashville has to offer.

After more than 4 years of searching for that special singer, Josh met a lady named DIESEL, who has proven to be that special artist. Today, Josh is Diesel's producer on his record label, Mr. Roosey's Records, Inc., and has released her debut cd entitled, "I'l Be Ready In A Minute." "Mr. Roosey is completely focused on bringing home the career of this wonderful new singer. I truly believe that we are about to see an important new female act emerge, someone who will reach across all boundaries of music, and DIesel is that woman." While committed to Diesel, he also acknowleges that his record label is constantly in search of new female artists. Why is the label devoted solely to female music? Josh smiles and says, "Because that is where the real excitement in music is!"

Josh has a simple philosophy regarding the music business and his place in it. "Make the music passionate and personal." As a producer and songwriter, he hopes to live by that philosophy with every singer with whom he works.

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