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Mentor: Art Twain Location: Oakland, California

A Communications graduate of UC Berkley in 1960, Art got his first job as a copywriter in 1964 at Campbell Ewald Advertising agency in San Francisco. He worked for three national agencies from 1964 to 1970, ending up as the head writer on the Levi Strauss account at Honig Cooper and Harrington, the predecessor to Foote Cone Belding. They had never won a national award before his arrival there. Art won 13 national awards the first year and was fortunate to be allowed to produce his own commercials at all three agencies, including writing and arranging the music. Not bad for someone who couldn't read or write a note. In 1969, Art began doing freelance work for a real estate man building his first retail store, named “Pants and Disks.” Art told him he needed a better name and he renamed it “The Gap.” He did all the radio, TV and print advertising for the Gap for several years, including writing the best known jingle of its day, “Fall into the Gap.” Art went to work for himself in 1970, starting Art Twain Creative Services, specializing in sound tracks and sound design for radio and TV. Advertising allowed him to use versatility, which included playing several instruments, composing and arranging music, copywriting and lyricising, voice work, and sound design. Since then, he's worked for a few hundred corporations, including production and consulting in Mexico and Finland. Art has won Clios, Emmy, One Show, International Broadcast Awards, Addys, Andys, AAF, AAW and many more awards for his work. He wrote and produced the 3rd highest scoring financial commercial up to its time for Visa. From C&H Sugar to Levi’s 501 Blues, from Corbett Canyon (with the famous ECHO... Echo... echo...) wines to the major networks, Art has had a varied and enjoyable client and product list that's brought a lot of joy and music into his (and our) life. In addition to writing and producing over 3,000 radio and TV commercials, he has scored films and advised thousands on how to create, produce and sell jingles. He is currently working on a book on his personal secrets of production which I am looking forward to reading.

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