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Mentor: Pat Pattison Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Pat Pattison

Pat Pattison is a Professor of lyric writing and poetry at Berklee College of Music, where he developed the curriculum for the only Songwriting Major in the country. In addition to his three books, Pat has written for Recording Magazine, The Performing Songwriter, and the LASS Musepaper. He also presents songwriting clinics across the country.


Writing Better Lyrics Writer's Digest Books, October, 1995;

Managing Lyric Structure Berklee Press, distributed by Hal Leonard, January, 1992;

Rhyming Techniques and Strategies Berklee Press, distributed by Hal Leonard January, 1992

Feature Articles:

Home And Studio Recording Magazine:

Better Rhymes with less pain (Part One), Sept 1990; Better Rhymes with less pain ( Part Two), Nov 1990; Put All Your Verses to Work, Dec 1990; Hook Placement and Focus, March 1991; Making Metaphors, June 1991; Writing for Singers, Sept 1991; The Great Balancing Act, Oct 1991; Object Writing: The Art of the Diver, Nov 1991; Learning to Say No: Developing Worksheets, Dec 1991; Verse Development and Power Positions, Jan 1992; The Sleeping Puppy, Feb 1992; Saying What You Mean, March 1992; Verse Development: Travelogues, April 1992; Form Follows Function: Building the Perfect Beast May 1992; Neutralizing Repetition, June 1992; Looking for the Perfect Match, Part I, Sept. 1992; Looking for the Perfect Match, Part II, Oct. 1992; Point of View: Second Person and the Hangman, Dec. 1992; Point of View: Second Person as Narrative, January 1993; Dialogue and Point of View, February, 1993; Something in Common, May 1993; Song Forms: (Im)potent Packages, July 1993. Song Forms: (Im)potent Packages II, September 1993. Process, Part 1, Ferbruary, 1995; Process, Part 2, March, 1995.

Performing Songwriter Magazine:

Verse Development and Power Positions, July/August, 1994 ; The Sleeping Puppy (A Case Study), Sept/Oct 1994; Form Follows Function: Building the Perfect Beast, Nov/Dec 1994; Saying What You Mean, Jan/Feb, 1995.

LASS Musepaper:

Surviving Rhyme, Part 1, February 1993; Surviving Rhyme Part 2, April 1993


Arizona Songwriter's Association,Austin Songwriter's Group, Bermuda Songwriters Association, Bluebird Cafe Series (8 and counting, Nashville), Boston Songwriters Association, Brigham Young University, Connecticut Songwriters Association, Dallas Songwriter's Association, The Houston Network of Lyricists and Songwriters, Knoxville Songwriter's Association, Los Angeles Songwriters' Showcase, Minnesota Songwriters Association, Mississippi Writers' Association, New York Songwriter's Guild, National Academy of Songwriters, Los Angeles, Northern California Songwriter's Association, NSAI Spring Symposium (featured speaker), NSAI Summer Symposium (featured speaker), Oklahoma Songwriter's Association, Pittsburg Songwriters, REO Songwriter's Retreat (Vancouver, B.C.), Rocky Mountain Music Association, Shenandoah Valley Songwriter's Retreat, Songwriters of Washington (DC), Tulsa Songwriter's Group, and Utah Songwriters' Association, Virginia Organization of Songwriters and Lyricists.


Gillian Welch; Grammy Nominee, 1997, Nammy winner, 1997 for Revival on Almo Sounds (produced by T-Bone Burnett). On staff with Almo Irving Music, with songs recorded by major artists, including Kathy Mattea's single 455 Rocket, Emmy Lou Harris and Trisha Yearwood. Kami Lyle, MCA recording artist with new album produced by Hugh Padgham (Sting, Peter Gabriel, Melissa Ethridge, Phil Collins). Writer for Criterion Music. Number 1 songwriter Joe Doyle writes for BMG. Reprise recording artist Holly Palmer. Many more are working in bands and on the staffs of publishing houses and record labels.

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