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Mentor: Pete and Pat Luboff Location: Nashville, TN

Pete and Pat Lubboff

We came to L.A. in 1973 to be songwriters. Helen King had just started what is now the National Academy of Songwriters. We began volunteering in exchange for classes. This gave us the opportunity to study with many great writer/teachers: Al Kasha, Alan & Marilyn Bergman, Arthur Hamilton.

In 1978 we were at her bedside when Helen died, after which the organization was run by the handful of people who were there, including yours trulies, Pat & Pete. In 1979 we started doing workshops at what was then SRS, because they were needed and because we could. After our second child was born in 1981, Pete took the workshops on and continued to do them every Monday until late in 1997. Almost 19 years!

Our work at SRS led to lots of other work in music business journalism and in 1991 we were approached by Writer's Digest to write the book "88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Write Them" because they wanted one like that to fill a hole in their catalog. They tell us now that it's one of their best sellers. We just updated it and the new version should be out soon.

We get a lot of feedback from songwriters about how much the book has helped them. It's in 88 short chapters. Each chapter takes a songwriting no-no and turns it into a yes-yes. It is easy and fun to read and covers the whole process from inspiration to bank deposit. This was our second updating, I think the book is in its 4th printing and I have to read it for every comma in the updating process and I am impressed with it every time! Good advice and information and lots of psychology and philosophy between the lines.

What else do we do? We teach songwriting. We have monthly Saturday day-long workshops in our home. They're unique because we lead the group in collaboration on songs. Our first group has been together for four years, written seven songs and gotten two cuts. The second group is still coalescing and we're on our first song. This is an amazing learning process, and fun for all!

We also do songwriting and music business consultation, travel to conduct workshops from a few hours to two full-time weeks in length, and write, produce and pitch our own songs. We'll be at Eat'M in Las Vegas in May teaching a workshop on our collaboration process on 5/21. We are writing another book on the process we've developed in the collaboration workshops. Pat is also a certified yoga teacher. We have a website at http://www.writesongs.com and we're adding helpful information to it little by little.

We have two wonderful children who we homeschooled when they were younger. Our son, Paladin, is a junior at UC San Diego and our daughter will be off to college in the Fall, leaving us free to do more traveling for workshops and songwriting. We've been together since the first night we met in 1966 and married 30 years.

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